(soko: Swahili term for Market)

Josiah Wise + GodBodi, paraboLA, (2012)
Social media is a thing of greatness. It’s a modern day spiritual force, a god of human connection. It has the capacity to unite us with greatness, allowing for relations that would otherwise have been impossible. About a month ago I stumbled on a gorgeous creature: Josiah Wise had great hair and a sense of style that conjured visions of an ancient otherworldly majesty – a Yoruba nomad on an intergalactic “journey for success and self-identity”(Josiah Wise/GodBod).
He was a vision of something familiar yet elusive – a version of myself I couldn’t quite place, the hyper eccentric one I sometimes dream about. It was beyond intrigue. I knew right away that this wasn’t a by chance encounter. Josiah would be a part of my life. We would meet some day and we’d be life-long friends, ageless beings (as we refer to ourselves) on a quest for an abundant life.
Josiah is exactly as I knew he would be: spiritual royalty. artist. innovator. singer. healer. free spirit. goofball. sacred. lover. musician. peace keeper. sunflower. historian. dancer. traveler. An incredible being through and through. My catalyst for self-fulfillment.
Mr. Wise is a 21st century troubadour, a musical intellect, so to speak. His genius is immediately evident in his vast vocal range, kooky arrangement and abstract lyricism. His story has only just begun with the release of his first EP, paraboLA - a mind shifting spiritual concoction of gospel, experimental r&b, folk, jazz and Negro spirituals. It’s deep but not contrived, with a universal message for us “to elevate our thoughts and perceptions of [ourselves]…to recognize and see how limitless we are” (Josiah Wise/GodBod). It’s a musical celebration of our being, of what it means to live freely, and as Ledereach so eloquently writes “somewhere between memory and potential…in a creative space, pregnant with the unexpected.” 
And so my spiritual experimentation begins. Josiah and I talk every other day. We inspire each other with positive things happening in our lives. Soon he’ll visit and we’ll burn lavender incense, play with pyrite stones and listen to soulful house. We’ll also dance to trashy pop and vogue anthems – cause he has a not so serious side too.
Download Josiah + GodBodi’s EP: paraboLA
Photo: Steven Duarte



Sarah Vaughan - Do Away With April (1974)

The only soul album Sarah Vaughan ever recorded. ‘Send In The Clowns’ was the first album I discovered by Sassy and I’ve been a fan ever since.


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Gimme Culture: Management or Morality?


Winston Dookeran’s call for a discussion on the decriminalisation of Ganja is an opportunity to think about social change locally, and offers a potential way to reduce criminals, violence, and a lucrative underground economy.

There have already been a variety of commentaries offered in the local…


Lorna Simpson: Installed in an outbuilding formerly used by servants, this artwork reflects the experience of Africans in Charleston and their link to the contemporary African-American experience. The varied amounts of water in each jug represent the amounts of water rationed to slaves aboard slave ships.