Gimme Culture: Mother Earth and the Earth People (Trinidad)


The Earth People are an antinomian and “neo-pagan” community settled on the north coast of Trinidad in the Caribbean which originated in the visions of their leader Mother Earth (Jeanette MacDonald, 1934–1984). From 1975 until 1976, she had experienced a series of revelations: she came to…

L.I.T.: Travel Journal Entry: Monday, October 7th, 2013


Every journey is a pilgrimage of some sort. Traveling is building an altar towards the heart. If our bodies say anything about who we are, we must move into spaces as we desire. I recognize how my presence alters a room or how a room alters my presence. This is a valuable spiritual sharing. Where…


‘Race Relations In Trinidad - Some Aspects’, Raffique Shah, Committee for Labor Solidarity, 1988.

Burkinabe man collecting homemade palm wine. 
Photo published in Makeshift Magazine, Issue: Trade
June 2013

Caribbean Writers: ZABOCA CHILD


De midwife bring meh screaming out,
Mama crying turd gyul, fort chile
Papa weeping, bury meh navel
string under de zaboca tree
so ah could bear fruits like
big, plump, purple pears

De pundit call meh Lelawattee
loyal, faithful, shining like de moon
hope fuh ah lorse generation so
ah could make…